Welcome to the 816 Media Family!

We just need a few details to get to know you better 

so we can get started on your ads ASAP

Please set aside 20-30 minutes to finish the full on-boarding process.


Most of our communication moving forward will happen inside of Slack. If you are not familiar with Slack, then no worries. It is an all-in-one business communication and file sharing platform. The signup process is very straightforward, so no need to worry about learning a whole new platform. We cannot handle hundreds of texts, emails, and calls all at once, so we set up Slack to ensure lightning fast responses to all of your messages. We will still answer texts and emails, but Slack is going to be the best way to get ahold of us..

An invite to our Slack channel will be sent to your email. Click the button below to share the email you want linked to your Slack account.

Logos, Pictures, and Designs

To take your ad creatives to the next level, we will need some design assets.


What we need from you:

  • High quality files of your logos

  • Pictures of your product/service

  • Pictures of your building, office, team, etc.

If you don't have some of the pictures listed above, no worries. Our graphic designers can use stock photography and create graphics to make any image or video stand out. 


We use Google Drive to store all of these files and pictures. An invite to the Drive will be sent to the same email used for Slack. Once you get access to the Google Drive, you will be able to add all of the logos, pictures, and designs listed above.

Facebook Connection

To run your ads, we need access to a few things in the Facebook Business Manager. 

Everything we need access to:

  • Page

  • Ad Account

  • Pixel

Walkthrough of the entire process:

1. Log in to your Facebook Business Manager. (*if you don't have your Business Manger set up yet, click here for instructions on getting that set up*) 

2.  Click the blue "Business Settings" button in the top right corner of the page.

3. In the left menu under the "Users" tab, click "Partners". 


4. Click the blue "+ Add" button.

5. Select "Give a partner access to your assets".

6. You will be asked to enter a Parter Business ID. Enter our ID.

            Our business ID: 921289688047680

7. Click "Next".

8. On this screen, you will add us to all of your assets. In the first column, select "Pages". In the second column, select your business page. In the third column, switch on all of the permissions to give us access to everything we need. 

9. Repeat this same step for "Ad Accounts" and "Pixels". (*If you don't have an ad account set up yet, click here for instructions on getting one created. If you don't have a Pixel created, click here for instructions.

10. What the permissions should look like for "Pages", "Ad Accounts", and "Pixels"









11. Click "Save Changes". 



Facebook Connection is Complete! 

Customer Lists

Facebook allows us to create custom audiences from external customer lists (emails and phone numbers). This is a super powerful feature that helps us pinpoint the targeting of your ads.

If you have any customers lists, please share them in Slack or upload them to the Google Drive. 


A calendar of your company events and specials will help us create new ads ahead of time, specific to upcoming events and on-going specials.


If you have a company calendar, please share the file or URL in Slack or upload the calendar to Google Drive.     

Your On-Boarding is Complete!